Cansu Dere reunited with her friends months later!
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27 September 2022 02:24


Cansu Dere reunited with her friends months later!

Cansu Dere, who took the place with Ferhat and Şirin on the screen last season, faced a great criticism and the project was taken out of the air without making a final. After this bad experience, when the coronavirus quarantine got together, the famous actress was unable to meet her friends.

Adapted to the new norm, Cansu Dere went on holiday in Marmaris. She, who had a holiday with many famous names, met her friend Ece Sükan months later. Ece Sükan, who opened the season in Cesme, met Cansu Dere, whom she could not meet for a long time, in Marmaris.

The couple, who come together in Bozburun, like every season, is having a holiday at the same place with the couples of Birkan Sokullu, his lover Eda Gürkaynak, Özge Özpirinçci and Burak Yamantürk.

Famous names also took a cheerful photo. Cansu Dere presented this photo to her followers from her Instagram account.

Cansu Dere plays the leading role in the Turkish adaptation of the Doctor Foster series, which is a psychological thriller in the new season. The person who will accompany the famous actor became clear as Kaan Urgancıoğlu. Cansu Dere will relieve stress before the series to be broadcast on Kanal D.

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