Artists News Career step from Alper Saldıran

Career step from Alper Saldıran


Famous actor Alper Saldıran has signed important achievements in his acting career. Especially, Badem Şekeri was written in mind with its great success in the movie series.

The actor takes up the career ladder in another area. This is the authorship… He, who has closed his house due to the coronavirus epidemic, spends his days writing his new book. He, who also had live chats with his friends on his Instagram account, shared the name of his book.

Alper Saldıran published the book “Stories from the White Room” in 2017. In 2018, this time he published his book “Stories from the Black Room”. The current goal of the actor is to complete the trilogy with the book “Stories from the Red Room”.

Alper Saldıran emphasized that he could not understand how the days passed and lost the concept of history. Stating that he is doing sports and losing weight at home, Alper Saldıran also said that he started writing books.

The attacker said, “I don’t know how time passed when I was writing a book. My body is inside the house, but my soul travels in a completely different place. ”