Celebrities mobilized for Birce Akalay's jewelery brand!
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2 February 2023 20:15


Celebrities mobilized for Birce Akalay’s jewelery brand!

Famous Actress Birce Akalay came to the screens with Son Yaz series broadcast on Fox TV. Season 2 of the show was unexpectedly short. While the channel decided to end the low-rated series, it was an unfortunate start to the season for Birce Akalay.

However, the actress is currently in front of the camera for another digital series. This time, she will take a role in a TV series called Mezarlık by Abdullah Oğuz. The actress will play a cop in this series.

Birce Akalay’s series, Kuş Uçuşu, shot for Netflix, has not yet been released. Although the actress is not on the screen, she does not sit idle.

Acting is not the only profession of Birce Akalay anymore! Because Akalay has created a brand with the jewelery that she has been preparing for a long time and that she has drawn.

Her followers could see the moments when the actress showed her drawings in the workshop during the preparation stage and worked with the masters on her Instagram page.

Birce Akalay determined the brand of jewelery designs that she presented with elegant and unique models as “Birce fine jewelery”.

For a while, the actress has been posting the poses of her close friends, well-known people and famous names with jewelry to support her on her social media account.

Birce Akalay’s actress friends do not leave her alone either. Finally, Nur Fettahoğlu and Suzan Kardeş posed with the designs of Akalay.

While Nur Fettahoğlu’s pose reminiscent of the pictures of medieval Europe received great admiration, the actress shared this photo on her own page to support her colleague Birce Akalay. Wearing a brooch and earrings drawn by Akalay, Fettahoğlu also left a heart in her post with the note “Bircem”.

Suzan Kardeş, who is currently on the screen with the Aziz TV series, is among the famous names who support Birce Akalay. The actress posed below with Akalay’s designs…

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