The separation statement from Berk Atan, Taner of Gönül Dağı!
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2 February 2023 19:01


The separation statement from Berk Atan, Taner of Gönül Dağı!

Famous actor Berk Atan plays the leading role in the series Gönül Dağı and continues his role very successfully. The actor, who reached large audiences with the series shot in Sivrihisar district of Eskişehir, is also experiencing a happy period in his private life.

From time to time, news of separation appears in the tabloid press about the actor, who continues his relationship with Selin Yağcıoğlu. Berk Atan came to Istanbul to watch the first theater play of his friend Ahsen Eroğlu. The actor answered the questions of the tabloid reporters and also touched on this separation issue.

Stating that his relationship with Selin Yağcıoğlu continues in a good way, the young actor mentioned that separations can occur from time to time in every relationship and that there may be disagreements.

Explaining that this can happen in his own relationship and that it is a normal situation, Berk Atan stated that their relationship continues.

The actor was asked how his love affair with Selin Yağcıoğlu was going. Berk Atan pointed out that there are speculations about separations in every relationship and said: “Separation and reconciliation is a normal situation in every relationship. In some moments, ups and downs, you may be offended, your ideas may not match. It is important to be able to meet from a common point without losing respect for each other. There are resentments, separations and reconciliations in our relationship. We have a very sweet relationship, it is going very well. This can happen in the news, it’s normal.”

When asked about his reaction to the news about him, Berk Atan stated that he usually smiles or laughs at them.

The actor said, “There can be news about everything. This is related to our profession. We laugh at some of them, we smile at them,” he said.

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