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19 August 2022 05:42


Alina Boz gave the same pose after many years, her famous friends and fans poured messages!

Successful actress Alina Boz first attracted great attention with her Shattered TV series. Alina Boz, who has taken part in many different productions since then, was also loved and admired for her role as Mahur in the Maraşlı TV series, which will always stand somewhere else in her professional career.

They managed to become a very popular duo with Burak Deniz in the series broadcast on ATV screens. The series of the duo, which is very similar to each other in terms of screen compatibility, unfortunately ended without completing the second season.

Alina Boz was born to a Russian mother and a Turkish father. The actress lived in Russia for a while and then continued her education in Turkey.

Alina Boz, who was born in 1988 in Moscow, Russia, lived in Russia until primary school and then came to Turkey. She also attended primary school in Turkey.

The 33-year-old beautiful actress recently shared a pose taken during her primary school years and again years later with her black apron.

Names such as İlayda Alişan, Bensu Soral, Burak Deniz, Burak Can, İpek Yazıcı, Cemre Baysel, Civan Canova, Suzan Kardeş, Bedirhan Soral responded with heart emojis, words conveying their love and messages saying that they have never changed.

It is clear from the photographs that Alina Boz’s face and expression have not changed much since her childhood. This nostalgic photo of the actress receives comments from her fans on social media, saying, “It’s still very beautiful, it hasn’t changed at all, it’s obvious from then that it will be this beautiful”…

Let’s see if you agree too. Here is the pose of Alina Boz, sitting on the school desk after many years, with her black apron, a ribbon in her hair and a collar…

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