Celil Nalçakan made an important reminder after the coronavirus!
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5 October 2022 02:33


Celil Nalçakan made an important reminder after the coronavirus!

Famous actor Celil Nalçakan caught the coronavirus. The cases surrounding the series set of Kardeşlerim increased to five. It became clear that the tests of Onur Seyit Yaran, Su Burcu Yazgı Coşkun, Yiğit Koçak and Eren Ören were positive.

Celil Nalçakan announced on social media that his test was also positive. The famous actor stated that he was fine in his first message and wrote:

“As of now, my pcr test has been covid positive. Thanks to my vaccinations, I am going through the process very lightly. I will be in home quarantine for 10 days. We wish to meet you in healthy days…”

The master actor, who especially gave the message that he got through the process comfortably because he had his vaccinations, thus invited the citizens to be vaccinated.

The wishes of his fans and friends also overlapped… The shooting of the TV series Kardeşlerim was also suspended due to incidents. On Saturday, January 8, the TV series Kardeşlerim does not appear in the broadcast stream of ATV. There is no clear statement on when the new episode will air.

Famous names continue to warn their fans in this period when coronavirus cases are increasing. One of these names was Ahmet Tansu Taşanlar. The actor we watched with Azat character in the Hercai TV series made an important reminder.

The actor made the following comment from his official Twitter account: “There can be no such thing as a silly defense like “The one who gets vaccinated is also covid, yeaaa”, friends, the vaccine does not help you to be covid, but helps you pass like flu without falling into intensive care when you are covid. If you don’t think about yourself, think about other people! get vaccinated!”

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