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12 August 2022 12:07


Ceyda Düvenci’s incredible change! How did the famous actress get so thin that she could fit into her clothes 10 years ago?

Famous actress Ceyda Düvenci has not been involved in any other project in recent years, apart from taking part in two digital TV series, Öğrenci Evi ve Prens, for short periods.

The actress, who stood in the background with the effect of the pandemic process, returned to the sets after 4 years with the movie Gidenler, directed by Ozan Açıktan.

Starring Dilan Çiçek Deniz and Burak Deniz in the lead roles, a love story is told in The Departures, signed by OGM Pictures. The movie will air on Netflix. It also attracted attention with the change of actors who returned to the sets after a long time.

Stating that she could not pay attention to her eating and drinking while she was in a busy rush, the actress got thinner regionally thanks to the treatment she received.

The actress, who stated that she experienced thinning in the leg and waist area thanks to a technology in which the devices that provide fat burning in the body are used, also shared her happiness with her followers on social media.

Stating that even the trousers she wore 10 years ago were too loose for her, the actress stated that she became thinner by staying at a healthy weight.

The actress, who is happily married to her colleague Bülent Şakrak, is also experiencing the excitement of performing the theater play Hanım & Efendi, which they took a break due to the pandemic, in Germany.

Before the pandemic, the couple brought their happiness in their private lives to the theater stage and introduced the play Hanım & Efendi to the audience.

Bülent Şakrak wrote the one-act play Hanım & Efendi. Ceyda Düvenci made the poster design of the game. Şakrak and Düvenci couple will meet with theater lovers with Hanım&Efendi play on Saturday in Hannover, Germany and on Sunday in Hamburg.

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