A message that will be talked about a lot from the famous actor Murat Ünalmış!..
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9 December 2022 11:31


A message that will be talked about a lot from the famous actor Murat Ünalmış!..

Famous actor Murat Ünalmış, who made a throne with the character of “Demir Yaman”, which he portrayed in ATV’s phenomenon series Bir Zamanlar Çukurova, said goodbye to the audience in the finale of the third season of the series.

The actor, who has not been on the screen since then, continues to long for his fans on social media. The actor, who actively uses his Instagram account, became the agenda with his last post.

Sharing his photo with a pen in his hand, the actor wrote under the photo; “Sometimes in silence, sometimes in crowds; but you should always walk alone on your way…” He drew attention to himself with his words.

While the fans were waiting to see Murat Ünalmış on the screen again in the new season, the actor preferred to take care of the restaurant he opened in Cappadocia, in the meantime.

Murat Ünalmış’s name has recently come to the fore with the news that Deniz Gezmiş will play Deniz Gezmiş in the movie about his life.

It was learned that the famous actor, who has been away from the sets for a while, was warm to the offer for the movie produced by Mustafa Uslu and that the parties agreed in principle.

Fans who miss Murat Ünalmış often ask the question “Do you have a new project?” in the comments they make under the actor’s social media posts, but there is no explanation from Murat Ünalmış.

There is no definite information about whether Murat Ünalmış will take part in the project, which will tell the life of Deniz Gezmiş.

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