Series News The final trailer of the Gülcemal series was released, the audience rebelled!

The final trailer of the Gülcemal series was released, the audience rebelled!


The Gülcemal series, which met the audience on Fox TV towards the end of this season, stood out as a strong drama story. Murat Ünalmış’s return to the screens after Bir Zamanlar Çukurova (Once Upon a Time in Çukurova) delighted his fans. The actor also received a lot of praise in the social media environment for his performance in the character of Gülcemal.

Melis Sezen, on the other hand, received some criticism at first in this exam, where she appeared as the female lead, but later she got her share of praise when she revealed the mood of Deva’s character with a strong acting.

The fact that the Gülcemal series lasted until the beginning of the summer was due to Fox TV’s interest in the series, both in the country and abroad.

Despite the low ratings, Fox TV’s determination to continue the series up to 13 episodes can be seen as a positive development. It has also been officially announced that the 13th episode of the Gülcemal series, which has 12 episodes, will be the finale. The fans of the series, which will be screened for the last time on Thursday, July 13, are rebelling against the final decision.

There are many people on social media stating that they cannot believe this situation and commenting, “Fox TV spent this series while it was so bad that the series was going on”.

There are also many viewers who stated that they felt strong emotions and cried in the Gülcemal series. Expressing that it was very sad for the series to end, the audience said, “I can’t believe it’s over. The drama was hilarious and the world accepted it,” he also shares messages.

The intense interest in the Gülcemal series from the Turkish TV series fans abroad was also talked about a lot. However, Fox TV could not continue this series due to the low ratings.