Series News For Murat Ünalmış’s fans, the Gülcemal series will remain a wound in the hearts!

For Murat Ünalmış’s fans, the Gülcemal series will remain a wound in the hearts!


The Fox TV series named Gülcemal completed its screen life as a 13-episode project. Murat Ünalmış fans were pleased with the actor’s performance in the series. Many series fans made comments on social media stating that they appreciated and appreciated the role of the famous actor.

The fact that the Gülcemal series was a short-lived affair upset a significant part of the audience. Especially for Murat Ünalmış fans, Gülcemal, which is expected to last a long time but remains a 13-part story, seems to be a wound in the hearts.

Murat Ünalmış also published a farewell message on social media. The actor wrote in his message:

“As a person in love with roses, even his name is very precious to me. It was a beautiful project that I did from the heart. It has helped me get to know very precious and beautiful people. Thank you very much to everyone who contributed. Bless the hands, efforts and hearts of all my teammates. Hope to see you in new excitements and new stories. Love…”

When we look at the comments on Murat Ünalmış’s farewell message, we can say that the words of love and appreciation for the actor stand out. However, it is also seen that the criticisms made for the Gülcemal TV series that there are mistakes in the casting, which has been spoken for a long time, continue.

Many viewers, especially the female lead actress, wrote on social media that Melis Sezen was not a good choice from the very beginning. Although Sezen was criticized at first, she later satisfied her fans with her Deva character. However, the fans of the Gülcemal series continue to debate whether the series would be more effective if there was a different female lead.

There is also a large foreign audience who loves the series. We watched on social media that the Gülcemal series affected a large audience in different countries from the beginning to the end.

As a result, Murat Ünalmış’s fans like the famous actor’s performance and want him not to take a long break from the sets.

It should be said that it was a disappointment for the fans of the series, as the Gülcemal series was included among the projects that made the final without telling its story fully.