Series News It is surprising that the Gülcemal series could not even save foreign sales!

It is surprising that the Gülcemal series could not even save foreign sales!


The drama series Gülcemal, whose 13th episode aired on Fox TV on Thursday evening, bid farewell to its audience. Due to the early finale, many series fans are uncomfortable with this situation. Those who wanted the series in which Murat Ünalmış and Melis Sezen starred to be long-term faced the reality of the finale.

Murat Ünalmış, who returned to the screens after a 2-year hiatus with the Gülcemal TV series, once again enchanted his fans. Ünalmış, who was appreciated with his acting performance, once again displayed his talents with a strong drama role.

Melis Sezen, on the other hand, gave a performance that satisfies her fans, even though she received criticism, and came to the fore again with the series’ resonance especially abroad.

Melis Sezen had made a name for herself abroad with her big break in the TV series Sadakatsiz (Unfaithful). Now that the Gülcemal series has been sold to 15 different countries, the two famous couples of the series have become partners of an important success.

Although it remained a 13-episode project, the great interest shown by the foreign series fans, especially in the Gülcemal series, first showed itself on social media.

People from different countries of the world and from different cultures showed their appreciation for the drama-laden story of Gülcemal on social media.

The series also had a prominent performance in google searches, which was important in terms of showing the interest of Turkish series fans in foreign countries.

The fact that the international sales went very well also revealed that the Gülcemal series was able to write a success story even though it lasted 13 episodes.

It was recorded as a significant success that the TV series Gülcemal, which was bought by the platform that Spanish speakers living in the USA watched the most, such as Telemundo, was sold to 15 countries in total.

However, the fact that all these successes could not ensure the continuation of the series did not go unnoticed as an interesting and surprising situation.