Series News Gülcemal is one of the series that makes you wish it wasn’t the finale!

Gülcemal is one of the series that makes you wish it wasn’t the finale!


Fans of the series, who wanted the Gülcümel series to continue, were very upset with the information that the final shooting of the series, which was reflected on social media last week, was completed. With the fact that it was not broadcast for some weeks, the Gülcemal series took long breaks and the loyalty of the audience was badly affected by this situation.

The 12th new episode of the Gülcemal series will meet with the audience on Thursday, July 6th. The final episode of the series is expected to air on the evening of July 13.

Bringing Melis Sezen and Murat Ünalmış together, Gülcemal’s progress towards the final is a situation that many TV fans do not accept. Because, in terms of the story of the series and the performances of the actors, it was seen as a series that should continue in the second season.

The fact that Fox TV wanted to make the final because the ratings were lower than expected seems to be in line with its previous strategy. In fact, the fact that the channel officials gave extra time to the Gülcemal project and tried to reduce the reaction of the audience a little can be considered as a reflection of their sensitivity.

The fact that the series, which was especially excited by the fans of Turkish series abroad, created a strong interaction on social media seems to have been effective in continuing until the 13th episode.