Cihan Şimşek deserves an applause as the Oğulcan in the TV series Kardeşlerim!
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30 March 2023 05:07


Cihan Şimşek deserves an applause as the Oğulcan in the TV series Kardeşlerim!

Cihan Şimşek, one of the young and successful names of the drama series Kardeşlerim, broadcast on ATV screens on Saturday evenings…

The actor is a name with a certain amount of experience, who has played many roles before. The actor, whom we have watched in different roles since the character of Selim in the Bez Bebek series in 2009, gained a large fan base with the project Kardeşlerim.

The character of Oğulcan is one of the colorful and popular names of the series, Cihan Şimşek gives a very successful performance. Many good comments were written about Cihan Şimşek, who successfully portrayed Oğulcan’s experiences on social media.

The young actor, who proved himself once again with his acting skills, was the smiling face of the story. Thanks to him, many viewers had the opportunity to smile between the drama scenes. However, this time, Oğulcan’s being on the screen with sad and emotional scenes also affected the audience.

Cihan Şimşek, who did a very successful job in conveying Oğulcan’s feelings to the audience, also attracted great interest in the social media.

Bringing both comedy and drama together with the audience, Cihan Şimşek injured the character of Emir in the episode. Upon this, the actor, who was on social media with the scene of the arrest of Oğulcan and the scenes in the prison, when the police came to the school, made the audience sad this time.

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