Series News They are not tired of making mistakes in the Aşk Mantık İntikam series!

They are not tired of making mistakes in the Aşk Mantık İntikam series!

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In the Aşk Mantık İntikam series, those who were initially imprisoned in the romantic comedy story encountered a fiction that turned into drama as of September… started to have ratings problems.

In order to prevent this, the screenwriters made adjustments to the story from time to time. With the time lapse, the fiction was changed in an instant, but this was not enough. Even if the loyal viewers of the series go to the screen, the results that fall to the average rates show that things are not going well.

Despite the successful performances of Burak Yörük and Melisa Döngel, the criticism of the fans of the series increased and they were sent from the story… New actors joined the series and a new era began. However, when we look at the rating results, we can understand that this situation did not satisfy the audience.

Sebahat Kumaş and Erdem Şanlı came to the series with the characters Barış and Rüya, who are close friends. Elçin Atamgüç joined the series in the role of Rüya’s mother. However, even the new characters were not a significant step towards the return of the audience to the series.

The series, whose 29th episode aired last Friday evening, unfortunately continues to lose in the ratings. And since the screenwriters did not return to the fun and romantic story of the first days, the reactions do not stop…

However, since the series is a very entertaining production, it has been followed by a loyal audience until today. However, the games made in the script, the addition of new names and big changes in the story do not keep the audience coming back.

Aşk Mantık İntikam is standing still, but no one can predict how long this situation will last.