Civan Canova is the master who will lean on Show TV's Üç Kuruş series!
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25 March 2023 14:36


Civan Canova is the master who will lean on Show TV’s Üç Kuruş series!

In the new season, you will find brand new series on the Show TV screen. Especially the productions named Aziz and Üç Kuruş will attract a lot of attention. Of course, you can also add the new Show TV series called Yalancı and İçimizden Biri to this list.

Ay Yapım, which produced the Çukur series after İçerde, is now preparing to launch a new project. The first presentation of the new series, Üç Kuruş, was made in the finale of Çukur… Fans of the series also follow the developments with excitement.

Ay Yapım is building a large cast. Of course, in these works, which are the product of meticulous work, the names appear one by one. It was clear that Uraz Kaygılaroğlu and Aytaç Uşun participated in the series. Later, Nursel Köse and Aslıhan Malbora joined the new names.

The last two actors to join were Civan Canova and Burak Altay… Born in 1980 in Rize, Burak Altay has been acting since 2000. Standing out with the character of Salih in the Asmalı Konak series, the actor also appeared in the TV series Black Pearl and Champion.

Civan Canova, on the other hand, is a master, born in Ankara in 1955. Canova, an artist of the State Theater, has been in theater, cinema and TV series for many years.

The audience remembers Civan Canova most with the character of Lawyer Kadir in the TV series Fatmagül’ün Kusu Ne. The actor was also quite impressive in the role of Çetin in the separator Karadayi series…

Civan Canova, whom we watched as Rahmi in the TV series Shattered, most recently played the character of Mustafa in the TV series Atiye. The master actor, who has not been in television projects for 4 years, joined the team of the TV series Üç Kuruş in the new period.

With this transfer, another master actor joined the team after Nursel Köse.

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