Series News Confession came from Eda Ece! Yasak Elma will make such a final that the squad may be upside down!

Confession came from Eda Ece! Yasak Elma will make such a final that the squad may be upside down!


The Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) series, which received great acclaim with its 5th season, will continue in the next season, making the audience happy.

The series won the admiration of everyone as the most absurd series on the screen. Yasak Elma, signed by Med Yapım, has changed a lot since its first day. The story isn’t the only thing that has changed. Many actors have come and gone from the Yasak Elma.

The audience watched so many events that made everything impossible, shocked in every episode, and made them say “no more!” but they still continue to experience shocks. In the scenario, the endings and events that the audience cannot even imagine are being fictionalized, and there are constant actor changes in the series.

Eda Ece and Şevval Sam, who are in the leading roles, are the fixtures of the series! Who will go and who will stay in the sixth season is a big question for everyone. This issue has been on the agenda of the media for a long time, and many rumors from the backstage are circulating.

There is almost no certainty about another actress other than Eda Ece! However, it was spoken long ago that Berk Oktay would go. Biran Damla Yılmaz said in an interview that she would rest in the summer before the next season, and she was tired of staying in the 6th season. However, with the statement made by Eda Ece, she showed that even she can leave the series!

It has been talked about for a while whether Şevval Sam will stay in the series. Sam’s statement that she does not want to grow old in the Yasak Elma series and that she misses the scenes, it is considered that she will go too. But the situation is actually extremely uncertain for everyone!

It is said at every opportunity that producer Fatih Aksoy will decide who will go and who will stay in the next season. It seems that with the season finale, there will be big changes in the entire cast. The possibility of the producer making a completely different decision for the next season after the season finale emerged with the statement of Eda Ece!

Eda Ece made such a statement about the finale while the shooting of the last episode was going on that she revealed that even she is no longer guaranteed!

Eda Ece said, “Our last 2 episodes, we are now heading towards the season finale. Our final will take a little longer. We spends that time working on the set all the time. We have such a final episode that it is a mystery right now who will stay and who will go.”

After this statement, a wholesale change in the cast of the Yasak Elma series may come to the fore! Let’s see what other developments will take place on this subject in the coming days. We’ll wait and see..