Confession from Can Yaman: "My mother hides my awards"
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27 March 2023 19:18


Confession from Can Yaman: “My mother hides my awards”

Can Yaman, who settled in Italy a while ago for the shooting of his new series Sandokan, cemented his reputation abroad during this time. Can Yaman, whose Sandokan project has been postponed but has signed a new series, was awarded the “TV Character of the Year” in Italy a few days ago. In his speech at the ceremony, Yaman admitted that his mother hid the awards.

Can Yaman lists the successes one after the other. The handsome actor was awarded the ‘TV Character of the Year’ at the Filming Italy Best Movie Award. Yaman, who received his award at a ceremony held in Venice, Italy on September 5, said the following in his speech here.

“This is my first time in Venice. This is a great city. I fell in love with this place as soon as I stepped in. I would love to come again in the future. Coming here is an unforgettable experience for me. My mom keeps my awards for me. Not just my awards, but everything about me. Therefore, I will give this award to my mother.”

Can Yaman, who has now become the most recognizable face of Italy, will soon begin the shooting of his new series. He will share the lead role with Francesca Chillemi, one of Italy’s most important actresses, in the TV series Violet Like The Sea.

On the other hand, Yaman’s postponed project Sandokan will be turned into a musical and video game as well as the series. This means that Can Yaman will work at Sandokan for at least five more years for this long-term project.

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