Series News Çöp Adam series once again surprised everyone in the ratings!

Çöp Adam series once again surprised everyone in the ratings!


The ratings obtained with the 15th episode of the Star TV series named Çöp Adam (Stickman) symbolize a very good rise compared to last week. The reappearance of the ratings obtained during the first broadcast of the series was promising.

The fact that the ratings, which dropped considerably in the 14th episode last week, recovered after a week seems to be an example of the interest shown by the audience to the Stickman series.

Çöp Adam 15th episode aired on Wednesday, March 29. Elçin Sangu and Engin Altan Düzyatan once again put forward successful performances that did justice to the lead role. The audience of the series is also satisfied with the flow of the story.

So how were the ratings? Çöp Adam, which rose in all audience categories on Wednesday, March 29, came in 10th in the all people category, but it also had a very good rating compared to last week.

The ratings of the show in AB and ABC1 groups were even more significant. We can say that these results are a good result for the Çöp Adam series, which ranked third in both categories, as it shows that the loss of viewers has stopped.

The first trailer from the 16th new episode of the series was also shared: