Criticism has increased, it will be a disappointment if there is no change in the Ada Masalı series!
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5 October 2022 01:01


Criticism has increased, it will be a disappointment if there is no change in the Ada Masalı series!

Famous actor Alp Navruz is known as a name who chooses good TV series… After shining in Fazilet Hanım ve Kızları, the actor who took part in the productions named Elimi Bırakma and Zümrüdüanka finally drew attention with his choice of Ada Masalı.

It is known that Navruz, who met with Ayça Ayşin Turan in the lead role, examines the story in great detail and accepts projects if she likes the character. There were many project proposals for Navruz. However, the actor, who accepted the Ada Masalı among them, stated that the story and the character affected him.

Alp Navruz fans kept their expectations high from Ada Masalı, as they knew his meticulousness in choosing a project. The first episodes received positive feedback thanks to the summer energy and the impressive harmony of Ayça Ayşin Turan and Alp Navruz.

The interest of the audience was high in the first 3 episodes of Ada Masalı, but it was seen that this interest started to decrease and the criticism increased in the 4th episode. Some series fans began to criticize that they could not find a project as they hoped.

Many TV series fans started to post messages about the mistakes made for Ada Masalı on social media. So the criticism of the series is increasing rapidly. The most striking of these criticisms is that the script did not meet expectations.

The audience, who stated that the script of the series did not go well, some simple mistakes were made and the exaggerated scenes were disturbing, leave comments that Ada Masalı is a disappointment.

Expressing that the choice of the lead in the series is correct, the audience evaluates that the side characters are weak. One of the most important criticisms made is that the script did not flow…

However, there are also those who have a different opinion and think that the series is very successful in every way. At a time when criticism of Ada Masalı TV series increased and its ratings decreased, discussions started on social media.

Even this situation, which explains that the series is not going well, it is expected that the script team will take the job and raise the Ada Masalı with fast-flowing, high-energy scenes.

If the screenwriters do not initiate a change, these criticisms will increase and the ratings of the series will continue to decrease. It is imperative that this first sign given on social media is well understood by the screenwriters and that they increase the curiosity of the audience with more fluent episodes.

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