Demet Özdemir also liked the photograph of İbrahim Çelikkol with his son
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4 December 2022 05:24


Demet Özdemir also liked the photograph of İbrahim Çelikkol with his son

İbrahim Çelikkol, the Mehdi of the TV series My Home My Destiny, which was broadcast on tv8 and will be screened with the first episode of the new season on Wednesday, September 30, attracted attention with his social media sharing. The pose of the actor with his little son received the admiration of famous names, including Demet Özdemir.

As it is known, Çelikkol married architect Mihre Mutlu in 2017. In December last year, his little son Ali was born. Born in December, Ali is about 10 months old. İbrahim Çelikkol’s poses with his young son are greatly appreciated by his fans.

Çelikkol tries not to share too much and generally not show his son’s face completely. Actually, it is not overlooked that the father and son look alike in the photographs taken from different angles.

İbrahim Çelikkol, who never took his son off his lap during the summer, made his fans happy by sharing his photos with his followers on Instagram.

Finally, he posted a post, but it was his photos taken in a studio. Ali is playing with his father’s beard in the photo where Çelikkol is wearing a suit.

This cute photo won the great admiration of Demet Özdemir, with whom she starred in the TV series My Home My Destiny. The actress added a fist emoji to the end while explaining that he fell on the photo with the comment of “Yaaaaaaaa”.

His wife Mihre Çelikkol also made a comment with heart emoji.

Here is that photo:

Man in black??

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