Final verdict for Mr. Wrong drama riot on social media
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1 December 2022 07:08


Final verdict for Mr. Wrong drama riot on social media

There is a great rating race between the TV series on the TV screen. Also, the series are eliminated from this race. It was revealed that the TV series Gençliğim Eyvah, first aired on ATV, will be removed from the broadcast in the 16th episode. Now, Fox TV’s final decision is being spoken.

The Mr. Wrong series will make its final with its 14th episode. The series, which brought Can Yaman and Özge Gürel together and had great support in social media, unfortunately did not achieve the desired success in the ratings.

When the final decision about the Mr. Wrong drama came out, there was a huge riot wave on social media. Over 170 thousand messages were shared within hours. Fans of the series, both domestically and abroad, literally flooded Fox TV with messages.

“A huge mistake. The finale is a very heavy decision. It’s never a result that Mr. Wrong does not deserve.”

The fans of the series, who left a comment like, send a message to the channel to continue the production.

Fox TV has The Teachers and Orphans series ready to be broadcast. Also, Redemption will be on set soon. So the series with a low rating on the channel has no chance… It is unlikely that there will be a return for Mr. Wrong.

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