Demet Özdemir has an unforgettable series that her favorite friends are from that show!
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29 November 2022 09:34


Demet Özdemir has an unforgettable series that her favorite friends are from that show!

One of the biggest turning points in Young Actress Demet Özdemir’s life was her acting in the Erkenci Kuş series. Özdemir, who started acting in TV series at the age of 21, turned her professional life, which she started with dance at the age of 16, into a completely different direction with the training she received at Şahika Tekand’s ‘Acting Workshop’.

Demet Özdemir, who starred in the TV series Sana Bir Sır Vereceğim, Kurt Seyit ve Şura, Çilek Kokusu, No.: 309, Erkenci Kuş and Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir, is now among the popular young actresses.

Özdemir, who was born in Kocaeli in 1992, undoubtedly has a huge fan base both in Turkey and in many countries of the world, together with Erkenci Kuş. With Can Yaman in the lead role in the series, her path was opened even more.

She also attracted attention with her Çilek Kokusu series. However, her professional journey gained a completely different momentum in Erkenci Kuş. Afterwards, the actress came to the screen with the TV series Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir.

In the meantime, Özdemir took the lead role with Furkan Palalı in the romantic comedy series No: 309, which was screened on Fox TV and started in June 2016. The drama also made its finale in October 2017.

The audience liked Demet Özdemir very much in this series. However, she did not gain as big a fan base as in Erkenci Kuş. But the series No:309 became a project where she met with master actors and made friends that she valued very much.

So much so that she gets together with the names she took part in from time to time, and it shows that their friendship still continues. Demet Özdemir, who is understood from her posts that she has a loyal personality, loves the famous actress Sumru Yavrucuk, who played her mother in No: 309.

They are also very close with Sevinç Erbulak and Fatma Topbaş, with whom they acted together in the same series. Demet Özdemir, who comes together with other names from the same series from time to time, does not forget that series, what she lived there, and her friends, despite her great fame afterwards!

The actress, who recently published a photo of her on the set with Fatma Topbaş, revealed those moments that reflect their love and friendship. On the photo that Topbaş published on the occasion of her birthday, she said, “What a lot you taught me, thank you a thousand times for your patience and goodwill. Happy birthday always be, honey bug, my dear” dropped the note…

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