Demet Özdemir told the truth of a My Home My Destiny series
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28 March 2023 03:07


Demet Özdemir told the truth of a My Home My Destiny series

Demet Özdemir and My Home My Destiny fans united in the same spot! My Home My Destiny series managed to become one of the most successful productions of 2020. Demet Özdemir and İbrahim Çelikkol kept the duo energized. At the same time, the harmonious versions of the duo, who supported each other, were also an important factor in the success of the series.

Demet Özdemir, who has been in the quarantine period for 2.5 months, went on a boat holiday with his friends and is trying to relax a bit. Özdemir, in the live chat program she participated in, explained how much she missed the series with the statements she made.

She is excitedly waiting for the shooting day to meet her famous actress partner again. Demet Özdemir, “The thing I miss the most is, I actually miss İbrahim Çelikkol. I love it very much. I miss my teammates very much. I miss my actor friends very much. I was already in contact. And since I love working, it is enough. I want to go back to my work, my world. ”

The famous actress, who also explains that she has internalized the character of Zeynep in the series, is very curious about the next stages of the story.

The actress, who internalizes the character of Zeynep like My Home My Destiny fans and thinks what to do in the next episodes, stated that she only has one-part scenarios and does not know what happened in the next episodes either.

She creates timing by making some predictions without knowing what the character of Zeynep will experience. The actress explained this detail for the first time. Because, many fans of the series think the same thing and share them on social media.

Demet Özdemir, who guessed what could happen in the next episodes like the fans of the series, and created a timing in her mind, said that the quarantine process was frustrating this situation.

Her words also describe how much she depends on the series and character:

“Regardless, you work very hard and internalize the character you play. I’m doing that. That story interrupted timelessly, for undesirable reasons. We were going to shoot a few more episodes before the season finale. I had prepared myself so much that I was wondering. A section comes to us and we shoot it. But believe me, if we pull the 3 parts from there, where will the story go, what will Zeynep do? My head had created that timing. Come on from the episode final we left, because I had an emotional convergence with the character of Mehdi. I left it there, I left it in the same place with the audience. That’s why I’m waiting with curiosity. ”

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