Postcard competition between İsmail Demirci and Aslıhan Güner!
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30 March 2023 08:04


Postcard competition between İsmail Demirci and Aslıhan Güner!

Work started on the North Star series 2 weeks ago. New episodes of the series continue to appear on the screen. After the 2.5-month break, the leading actors of the series, which meets the magnificent nature of the Black Sea, continue to make posts that can be almost a painting.

We are talking about Aslıhan Güner and İsmail Demirci. Both actors make their fans very jealous with the posts they make from their Instagram accounts. The two famous actors who share photos whenever they get the chance from the shootings in Ordu compete with each other.

Aslıhan Güner and İsmail Demirci share every beautiful moment they find with their followers.

In this sweet competition, both players draw attention with their pictures of paintings.

Sharing from two actors recently made fans of the series very happy.

All the beauty of the Black Sea was revealed in the shots made in Ordu Çambaşı plateau.

Aslıhan Güner and İsmail Demirci are competing with each other with postcard photographs.

The joyful family atmosphere in the North Star set is one of the most important reasons for the success of the series.

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