Demet Özdemir's condition to return to TV series has become clear!
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2 February 2023 20:06


Demet Özdemir’s condition to return to TV series has become clear!

Will the famous actress Demet Özdemir take part in a new series in the new season? Fans are very curious about the answer to this question. The name of the actress is mentioned for some series projects. Demet Özdemir, who is also known to receive many offers, has not yet decided.

So what kind of project does the famous actress want? Demet Özdemir has some conditions to return to TV series. The famous actress made the clearest statement on this subject. Explaining that there were very good projects that came to her, the actress expressed what she wants with the following words:

“I am reading and evaluating the projects. Great things are coming. But I want everything to be perfect, at least in a way that everyone can be happy. I’m resting a bit right now. Sometimes it is not obvious, such a job comes that you decide overnight. Casting is completed overnight. Well, there are things I’m excited about, but I’ll get some rest and then I’ll be.”

Demet Özdemir reminded that sometimes very effective TV series can come and it is possible to decide in one day and go to the set in a short time. The actress also reminded that even if there is no such project at the moment, such productions can come at any time.

In fact, with these words, Demet Özdemir underlined that it is a good story to return to the sets and that she is ready if the role comes. Since there is no such project at the moment, the actress, who has been listened to, is not at a point yet to decide, even if she receives offers that she is excited about.


Demet Özdemir, explaining that she watched many TV series and learned lessons from past projects, also conveyed the condition she sought for accepting a new project:

“While watching the female actresses, the more they played different things on TV, the more excited I was to watch that actress. That’s why we’re walking on our digital platform, we have a lot of options. I find it more positive to work less and produce much higher quality work. The more I play something different… Why not suspense, why not work with intrigue? Whatever I did, I try my best to do something a little different. I’m starting to evaluate the project that way now. The more different, the better for me.”

With these words, Demet Özdemir clearly revealed the criteria she was looking for. The actress gave good performances in romantic comedy and drama. However, she does not want similar roles in her new project. Explaining that she would prefer to take part in a different character and story, the actress also opened her door to digital projects.

Explaining that she and Şükrü Özyıldız finished the movie titled Aşk Taktikleri, in which she starred, the actress said that she was excitedly waiting for the movie to be released on Netflix.

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