Demet Özdemir's fans shocked the output!
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5 October 2022 07:26


DemetÖzdemir’s fans shocked the output!

There are moving days in love life.

She living together with SeçkinÖzdemir made a similar joke about her last name.

SeçkinÖzdemir and DemetÖzdemir, the marriage is a green light. Love and surname are the same nice actor, ‘I will not change my last name to marry’ she made a joke.

The couple lit up the marriage. On the previous day, the duo reflected in the object on the baby, enjoying breakfast on their own.

Hand in hand, the lovers responded to the prompt questions. A couple of months of love for a month, “How is your relationship?” Asked “Our hearts match. We are very happy, ” she replied.

The famous couple, whom fans adored and wanted to marry, reminded us that “We are open to marriage but it is too early. The families have not met yet, ” she spoke.

DemetÖzdemir, whose love and surname are the same, said, “I will not change my last name when I get married. Özdemir will stay ” she laughed.

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