Boran Kuzum, look who you look like with his new image?
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30 September 2022 09:21


BoranKuzum, look who you look like with his new image?

BoranKuzum, who created wonders with the character of Leon for two seasons in ‘Wounded Love’ tv series, was born on February 7, 1993 in Istanbul.

He, who was educated in Istanbul University Conservatory Performing Arts Department, first played Suat character in Analar and Anneler series in 2015.

Kuzum which we watched as Young Shahzade Mustafa in Magnificent Century Kösem sequence, made its main output with ‘Wounded Love’ tv series.

Kuzum’s new image, which is followed carefully in every state of every movement, also attracted attention.

He’s reminiscent of the Canadian actor and producer Xavier Dolan, which went on to change the image after the series finalized. In social media, the comments of users who liked Kuzum to Dolan paid attention.

A social media user commented: “BoranKuzum has more quality than anything else. From his clothing, his walk, his speech, his actions and movements, his surroundings and even his lovers. It appeals to a certain quality. Comparison with others is unacceptable. ”

Leon had a mustache. Kuzum “Cut the mustaches right now. I was so used to it that I was awkward at first. ”

He said he was evaluating several projects for the new season.

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