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3 July 2022 19:31


Demet Özdemir’s feature that surprises everyone

Actress Demet Özdemir, who participated in the live broadcast on Instagram, turned out to be a horror movie patient! Immediately after the Early Bird series, she returned to the screens with the TV series My Home My Destiny. Özdemir, who played a girl named Zeynep in the series she shared with İbrahim Çelikkol, once again impressed the audience with her drama series after her romantic comedy.

The young actress was quarantined at home as a result of the pause of the series due to the pandemic experienced all over the world within the scope of Covid 19. Demet Özdemir, who uses social media effectively, continues to make her fans happy with her posts.

Demet Özdemir had a fun time with her sincere chat in a chat section published on Instagram. It is learned in the conversation that while the young actress was staying in her own home with her two friends in the first days of the quarantine, a full horror movie fan emerged during that period.

Stating that she can watch horror movies three times a day, Demet Özdemir said, “I mostly watch thriller movies by fainting. Horror movies too. I have no more watching. I looked at it last night, I can say that I did not watch it, I exhausted it all. ”

Demet Özdemir, which the audience was accustomed to seeing with the Romantic Comedy-style series, broke this impression with the series My Home My Destiny’. Demet Özdemir, who also demonstrated her success in the drama, announced to the producers with this conversation that she would very much like to play in a horror movie.

The famous actress said, “I really want to play in the horror movie. Acting is not something like “I just want to play that”. I made romantic comedy, drama, and one horror movie. It is all an experience because ” she also gave a green light to this kind of movie.

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