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7 July 2022 03:51


Eda Ece wins hearts with her benevolence and compassion!

Assistance culture is a common situation in Turkey. Especially with coronavirus pandemic, there are situations that give more attention to those who need help. Eda Ece, who plays the Yıldız character in the Forbidden Apple series, also draws attention with her benevolence and compassion. Some fans of the famous actress know this aspect, but there are also those who do not know how intensely and strongly helped someone.

Eda Ece is against complaining of staying at home by reminding those who have to work during the coronavirus period.

“It is a luxury to stay at home considering the healthcare professionals, couriers, people trying to provide service, so it’s not a complaint, but unexpected things happened in our normal flow of life,” said the actress.

Expressing that she tries to help people when she can, to support the people around her family and her family, Eda Ece is a very merciful person …

“I tried to do my best, I tried to help people who are in a more difficult situation,” said the actress.

Underlining that Turkish people are a people who know how to help, Eda Ece said, “Everyone who I see both in my environment and on social media is doing everything possible. We are surviving the hard days together.”

Sevval Sam touched on the increase of people helping each other during this period and said that she was very pleased with it.

Sevval Sam, “Municipalities are giving aid, everyone is trying to support each other. I went to the grocery store and closed the debts, I liked that campaign. I pay someone else’s bill, send food … These are very precious” she spoke.

The famous actress Sevval Sam, who met Eda Ece in the Forbidden Apple series, also explained the helpfulness of her co-star.

Şevval Sam, “Eda is the most merciful person I have seen in my life. A person she cannot be indifferent to anything that goes into her radar. She sees a puppy and immediately adopts them. She takes a sick animal to the doctor immediately. A friend needs something, sends them to them. Nobody sees them even if they don’t want to. From paper collectors to Syrian children on the street… You are an incredibly compassionate person in this sense. ”

Eda Ece, saying “You too so”, stated that she has very compassionate and strong female friends thanks to the Forbidden Apple series.

Eda Ece said, “I think we are very successful women in real life as well as entertaining you in the series and I am proud of all of us.”

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