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7 July 2022 05:28


Temt me Love series returns to the screen again

The TV series Temt me Love, signed by Osman Exam, is aired on ATV. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the series has not been shot for 1.5 months. In a period when many series stopped shooting, work on the set was made for a while in the Temt me Love series.

When a great criticism and reaction came after a video from Erkan Petekkaya’s set, the Temt me Love series also had to take a break. Allegations were made that Şebnem Bozoklu, one of the leading actress, did not want to go to the set at that time.

So what about the Temt me Love series? The series starring Erkan Petekkaya, Şebnem Bozoklu, İlayda Çevik, Öykü Gürman and Ertan Saban completed the first season.

The series is expected to start shooting in July. The team, which will meet on the set in the middle of July, will work for the second season. It is expected to be next to the series in the last week of August.

This is the latest information. In the series, Yasemin learned that Murat was cheating on her and pointed out that the next episodes would be very tense with the words that all her friends knew about this situation.

The Temt me Love series is a forbidden love story of a man who cheated on his 20-year-old wife with a young woman. Many female audiences reacted to the topic of the series with the claim that it normalized deception. However, the series performed successfully on Sunday evenings, and the ATV will continue the series after the coronavirus pendulum.

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