Deniz Çakır criticized her old series and praised her new series!
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9 February 2023 08:17


Deniz Çakır criticized her old series and praised her new series!

Famous actress Deniz Çakır has appeared in many different TV series for many years. In these productions, many different stories met with the audience and the actor successfully portrayed many different characters. Deniz Çakır, who was born in Ankara in 1981, first started to meet with the audience in 2005 and was also known for her character Alev in the TV series Kadın İsterse (If Women Wants).

The project that gave Deniz Çakır great popularity was the phenomenon series called Yaprak Dökümü. The actress, who did a very successful job in the character of Ferhunde, then continued her career with many different TV series and movies.

Deniz Çakır, who appeared on the television screen last season with the TV series named Masumiyet (Innocence), has also recently attracted attention with the Gain TV series  Aslında Özgürsün (Actually You’re Free).

The actress stated that it was different for her to convey a normal life in the series in which she played the character of Berna, and in a sense, she threw stones at her old TV series. Deniz Çakır, who has been in scenes that are not very different from each other until today, expressed this difference with the following words, as she took part in a TV series depicting real life for the first time:

“It was very interesting at first. I; Everything is very normal here, since I acted in serials such as prisons, hospitals, dramas, crying. But so is life. Of course, there are pains and dramas, but that normal conversation in life is very precious to us. It is very sweet to show the conversation in the natural flow to the other side. For me, it was a very sweet adventure in that sense. I said there is such a thing. It should cry less, without prison…”

Deniz Çakır, who stated that the character of Berna she portrayed is someone who puts her freedom before everything, explained that these scenes can be rude to those on the opposite side.

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