Deniz Işın did not mislead those who trusted her with the series Dokuz Oğuz!
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2 April 2023 08:47


Deniz Işın did not mislead those who trusted her with the series Dokuz Oğuz!

Female actors also play prominent roles in the soldier’s series, Dokuz Oğuz (Nine Oghuz), which is broadcast on Fox TV on Saturday evenings. As well as important male actors such as Kubilay Aka, Hakan Boyav and Dağhan Külegeç; Yasemin Allen, Deniz Işın and Sahra Şaş were among the remarkable female actors in the project.

The Dokuz Oğuz series is a series where the guns do not stop and the action scenes do not end, and it is enriched with fight scenes. In the heroic story of the Turkish soldier, while many viewers await the weight of the male actors on the screen, the successful roles of the female actors that balance them stand out.

She impresses the audience with her military outfits like Yasemin Allen and Sahra Şaş. Deniz Işın, on the other hand, gives a performance that enchants her fans with a warrior and mysterious character.

Although the second episode was published, many fans liked Deniz Işın as a brave and strong warrior woman. The viewers, who find the actress very successful in this role, share their satisfaction by saying, “She’s in the role of a strong woman, just as we desire.”

While the interest in the character of Bilge begins to increase in the social media environment, the mysterious state of the character makes the series of Dokuz Oğuz a more interesting production.

Bige, a female, stubborn and highly intelligent woman, is also someone who uses weapons well and fights well. Deniz Işın owes her performance, which does justice to the role, to the training she received.

A fan says, “Deniz Işın is someone who can handle any character. She proves how talented she is with this character too.”

The fans of Deniz Işın, who mentioned that the actor returned to the screen with a character exactly as they wanted to see, support the series of Dokuz Oğuz with comments stating that they watched it fondly.

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