Developing excitement in the Women's tv series
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29 September 2022 10:28


Developing excitement in the Women’s tv series

Woman tv series published in the Fox TV screen in Turkey, continues to see great interest.

The main actress Özge Özpirinçci is talking with her great player.

The actress who played the spring character increased her excitement with the sharing she made from her instagram account.

Actress who shared the story before the 21st episode wrote, “I did not see such a final.”

Describing the 21st episode screenplay itself, actress invited viewers to the screen.

The Women’s series will be on display on Tuesday, March 13th, with the 20th episode.

The 21st split has another week and the audience is already very excited.

Here is the share of Özge Özpirinçci:

In the meantime, the 20th episode of chapter 3 was also released. Sarp meets an old friend. Despite knowing her friend, “I am not Sarp” saying an unexpected response to her friend. He thinks he is Alp, but Piril tells her father that Sarp is afraid he will go to spring and children if he learns. Although her father objected, Piril, Bahar tells Sarp that the children are living. We will always see Sarp will tell the truth despite her father’s objection, but apparently this section comes with new surprises.

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