Artists News Did Ege Kökenli leave Duy Beni because she was pregnant? Here is the answer!

Did Ege Kökenli leave Duy Beni because she was pregnant? Here is the answer!


Star TV’s Duy Beni (Hear Me) series, which attracted great attention among the youth series of the summer period and found its place on the screens in the new season with its success, has recently come to the fore with the farewell to the story of the character “Bahar”, played by actress Ege Kökenli.

Ege Kökenli, who has been on the sets since 2004, gave life to the character of “Nil” in the series called Kefaret, which made the finale of the previous season. After a long time, the actress met her fans with the Star TV series Duy Beni. However, there will be no Ege Kökenli in the new season episodes of the series, which started the summer season.

The character played by the actress died after an accident and said goodbye to the story. Ege Kökenli, who made a statement on her social media account, made a statement that the separation was her own choice and that she found it right to keep the reason for herself.

After Ege Kökenli’s statement, there were news in the tabloid press that the actress was pregnant and left the series for that reason. Ege Kökenli got married to her lover Lior Ahituv, with whom she has been together for about 5 years, last month. However, the famous name could not go on a honeymoon due to workload and returned to the sets.

While the possibility of being pregnant did not sound unreasonable, a new statement came from the actress on this subject.

She stated that she was not pregnant after a fan of Ege Kökenli, who held a question-and-answer event with her followers on social media, commented, “I think you left the show because you are pregnant, I would be happy if you answer.”

Ege Kökenli, who reiterated that she kept her decision to leave the series to herself, brought to mind the possibility that there was a disagreement on the set with the words “One should be where she is happy”.

In her statement, the actress also underlined that she did not want to engage the agenda further on this issue.