Artists News Did İlayda Alişan, the ‘Süveyda’ of the ‘Kırmızı Oda’, get plastic surgery?

Did İlayda Alişan, the ‘Süveyda’ of the ‘Kırmızı Oda’, get plastic surgery?

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İlayda Alişan, who made her name known to the masses with her character ‘Akşın Koçovalı’, which she gave life to in Show TV’s phenomenon series ‘Çukur’, also drew attention with her performance in Fox TV’s final series ‘Masumiyet’.

The young actress is now receiving acclaim for her role as “Süveyda” in the TV8 TV series “Kırmızı Oda”. In addition to the series, the actress also came up with a photo from the past years. A photo of 25-year-old İlayda Alişan, which was on the agenda on social media years ago, brought with it claims of “aesthetics”.

Some social media users who saw the photo below argued that the famous actress had plastic surgery and her face changed. Many users emphasized the beauty of Alişan and stated that it has not changed at all.

İlayda Alişan, one of the rising stars of the last period, made a statement on the subject on Twitter after these reactions. İlayda Alişan said in a statement; “I am 15 years old in the photos you shared as the old version and now 25. I am growing up and you are witnessing this because of my profession. I don’t have any aesthetics on my face other than lip augmentation. Does it interest you though? I do not think so. I wish you a day when you will stop molding women. Love.” she said.