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16 May 2022 18:20


Disney Plus’ agreement with Şahan Gökbakar for the movie Recep İvedik 7 is the result of a great strategy!

While Disney Plus continues to make agreements with important names to attract large audiences, one of these actors was Şahan Gökbakar. Şahan Gökbakar, who is considered among the celebrities with whom the platform has reached an agreement, will continue the Recep İvedik series, which he has made 6 versions so far.

Şahan Gökbakar, who has been working on his new movie, Recep İvedik 7, for a while, accelerated his work with the agreement he made with Disney Plus. There is a large audience that likes the Recep İvedik movie series, which attracted a lot of attention during the period it was broadcast in the cinema and was also broadcast on television screens several times.

The Disney Plus agreement with Şahan Gökbakar may also be an important factor in adding this large audience to the subscribers of the US content giant, Recep İvedik 7 movie may be an important factor.

The agreement of Disney Plus with Şahan Gökbakar was also a remarkable development. General perception for the Recep İvedi film series; It was a production loved by middle- and low-income people. However, over the years, we can see that the audience cannot be limited in this way and people with a high level of education enjoy watching the movie.

It is both an important decision and a sign of trust in Şahan Gökbakar that the seventh edition of Disney Plus, which attracts people with very different lifestyles and generates huge box office revenue despite being criticized a lot, is both an important decision and a sign of trust in Şahan Gökbakar. With this agreement, it also shows that he wants to see all kinds of popular projects on his own platform.

The fact that Disney Plus, which aims to reflect all elements of popular culture, will deliver these productions to audiences all over the world, will provide the opportunity to reach larger audiences in the future on behalf of the Turkish TV series and cinema film industry. It will not be surprising for anyone that the movie Recep İvedik 7 attracts attention in many countries of the world.

It turned out that the shootings, which will start in Istanbul, will last for 6 weeks and that there will be shootings in some different cities. Those who are eagerly waiting for the movie Recep İvedik 7 will follow the Disney Plus platform, which will start broadcasting in Turkey in mid-June.

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