Do you know the biggest passion of Murat Aygen, the 'Doğan' of 'Yasak Elma'?
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1 February 2023 11:59


Do you know the biggest passion of Murat Aygen, the ‘Doğan’ of ‘Yasak Elma’?

Charismatic actor Murat Aygen attracted attention with the character of “Tanju” in the TV series “Mucize Doktor”. After the finale of the series, which lasted for two seasons and had great success, it was wondered where the actor would take part.

Murat Aygen appeared before the audience with the 5th season episodes of Fox TV’s phenomenon series “Yasak Elma” in the new season. Murat Aygen gives life to the tough and confident character, “Doğan”, in “Yasak Elma”. Murat Aygen, who gives life to charismatic personalities in the series, also draws attention with his charismatic posts on his Instagram account.

Aygen’s biggest passion other than acting is motorcycle. The actor often shares his poses on the motorcycle with his followers on his Instagram account.

The actor, who also draws attention with his style, said in an interview that he likes to follow the innovations in fashion. Aygen; “I’m not bad with fashion. I follow the innovations and use the ones that suit me. I respect everything that is innovative and creative. In my daily life, I like to wear comfortable and uncommon combinations.”

Stating that he does not attach much meaning to fame, the actor said, “Fame has no meaning to me, popular works manage the average perception, it can provide the easiest place to hold happiness. But then you’re left with only those who represent an existence to be popular. When one day it is not; You also lose the feelings that will explain and define yourself. The real thing is life itself.”

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