Why did the master actress Hümeyra rebel?
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8 February 2023 15:10


Why did the master actress Hümeyra rebel?

Sadık Bigat, the son of the master actress and singer Hümeyra and the late Mithat Bigat, died of a heart attack at his home in Teşvikiye last year. Hümeyra, who had a hard time with the death of her son, was caught in the lens for the first time in months.

According to the news on Milliyet Cadde, Hümeyra, who did not accept any project and mourned after losing her son Sadık Bigat 1.5 years ago, was caught in the lenses in Nişantaşı. Hümeyra, after the death of her son, “How good can I be?” she had declared.

Hümeyra, who went out for shopping and was seen to be quite upset, said to the members of the press, “I’m a thousand years old, don’t pull me anymore”, and got angry.

The master actress, who left the questions unanswered and continued her shopping, appeared before the audience with the character of “Fazilet Aşçıoğlu” in the last season of the “Kadın” series, which was broadcast on Fox TV screens. The actress did not take part in any other projects after the series finale in February 2020.

The 74-year-old artist said, “I don’t have the strength to lift sets anymore. Working hours of 12 hours is too much for me. I am also sick. I can’t play long-term jobs again. She also drew attention with her statement, “Maybe I’ll participate as a guest actress.”

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