The final decision in Son Yaz revealed a truth!
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1 February 2023 12:51


The final decision in Son Yaz revealed a truth!

The final decision was made for Son Yaz, one of Fox TV’s popular series, shortly after the start of the second season. While the decision was very upsetting to the fans of the series, the correspondence on social media after the development revealed a truth.

Today, it was announced that the final decision was made about Son Yaz series, which started broadcasting on Fox TV last season and gained many fans in a short time. At the end of the first season, many of the actors left, the series appeared before the audience with a brand new story in the new season.

The characters of Akgün and Yağmur, played by Alperen Duymaz and Hafsanur Sancaktutan, who remained in the background in the first season, were cast as the leading roles in the second season. However, the new version of the story did not hold. The series, which started the second season with very low ratings, was decided to make the finale in the 26th episode.

Journalist Birsen Altuntaş was the first to announce that the final decision was announced to the team today. Birsen Altuntaş shared on his Twitter account, “It has just been announced to the team. #SonYaz is making the finals.” She wrote and gave the link of the news.

A viewer was quick to react to Altuntaş’s post. The audience commented, “Canan’s departure ended the series. If it was going to come out, why did it start? It was not right to remove the main character from the drama, other actors could have been added without removing them.” the viewer wrote.

Birsen Altuntaş also wrote in her response to this viewer’s comment: “Funda Eryiğit and Ali Atay were leaving of their own accord at the end of the season… However, Ali Atay reversed his decision at the last moment. Nobody removed Funda from the squad. But later on, I heard that he was also upset with his decision.”

Thus, from Altuntaş’s interpretation, it turned out that Funda Eryiğit, who played Canan in the Son Yaz series, later regretted leaving the series. If these separations had not occurred, perhaps the ratings of the Son Yaz series would have gone well and the final decision would not have come.

Son Yaz series will bid farewell to the screens with its 26th episode, which will be broadcast on Saturday, October 15th.

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