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16 May 2022 17:38


Do you realize how difficult Edip Tepeli’s job is in the Destan series?

Edip Tepeli, who plays the character of Batuga in the TV series Destan (Epic), which is broadcast on the ATV screen, bears the responsibility of taking on a very difficult role. Taking the lead role with Ebru Şahin and Selim Bayraktar, the young actor puts a lot of effort on the stage with his physical strength as well as displaying his talents.

Edip Tepeli said, “I have to play a lot of things. In order to play Batuga correctly… As well as the difficulty it brings, if you have prepared yourself well for this role, there are also very easy sides,” he said.

Expressing that he is a character that gives the actor an opportunity when he looks at the script in general and his own character, Edip Tepeli mentioned that there are different points he can hold on to whenever he stumbles.

Edip Tepeli, who attracted attention with the Kavruk Ömer character he played in the Sefirin Kızı TV series last season, has the leading role with Ebru Şahin this season. The actor, who went through a lot of training before the shooting of the series, not only successfully portrays the character, but also stands out with the feeling he gives to the audience.

For Edip Tepeli, who got along very well with Ebru Şahin, the series Destan seems to be one of the most special productions of his career. With the effect of this role, the actor will receive leading offers in much better projects in the future.

Different names were also considered in the selection of the leading male actor in the series, but in the end, it was decided that Edip Tepeli was the person who was suitable for the role. Although the thought of whether the actor would be able to cope with this role at first appeared, Edip Tepeli proved that he was the right choice in the character of Batuga with his performance so far.

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