Artists News Documentary affecting the life of Şevval Sam and Barış Kılıç

Documentary affecting the life of Şevval Sam and Barış Kılıç


The leading actors of the Forbidden Apple series, Şevval Sam and Barış Kılıç met in the live broadcast of Instagram. The two told what they were doing on quarantine days. Complaining about working hard, Şevval Sam said that she missed her house very much and that the quarantine was good.

The Forbidden Apple series set stopped shooting in mid-March due to the coronavirus outbreak. The players also quarantined themselves at home. In this process, players who can meet on social media find what is happening right now.

Barış Kılıç, who plays the character of Kaya in the Forbidden Apple TV series, said, “It was interesting, but it happened after that tempo.”

Şevval Sam explained that she did not understand how time passed, that he found a lot of work to do at home. Mentioning that her friends found her very messy, Şevval Sam said: “I found out why I was messy. Actually, because I’m an obsessive regular, I say all or nothing if I can’t do it.”

Barış Kılıç stated that he watched the documentary called Minimalism on Netflix and was very impressed. The documentary tells about a simple lifestyle that affects many. Barış Kılıç said, “I threw out most of my stuff. There was something left in between. I send them too. My next lifestyle is really minimal. Super documentary, I was very impressed by it.”

Şevval Sam explained that she also watched the same documentary and recommended that everyone live minimally. Saying “I like to live small,” Şevval Sam said that it is not minimally decorative.

Emphasizing the importance of being happy about small things, shrinking life and consuming less, Şevval Sam added that he applies them in her life as well.