Don't get too caught up in Alperen Duymaz's Erkek Severse series, it won't take long!
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29 November 2022 11:05


Don’t get too caught up in Alperen Duymaz’s Erkek Severse series, it won’t take long!

Fans of the famous actor Alperen Duymaz liked the romantic comedy series Erkek Severse. The actor, who gave life to a handsome, charismatic and wealthy character in the series broadcast on the Bein Connect platform, got along very well with Büşra Develi.

The series, starring Yasemin Allen, has been going on its way with exciting episodes on the Bein Connetc platform for a while. Many series fans are already fascinated by the project. It has also been revealed that the series prepared by Gold Film will not be long-term.

Alperen Duymaz fans may not be pleased, but there are claims that the life of the series is limited to 26 episodes. The series, directed by Ömür Atay, became one of the most watched content on the Bein Connect platform. This showed that the romantic comedy story took hold and had the strength to continue.

However, the series was designed as only 26 episodes and it does not seem likely to be extended… Görken Sevindik. Yağız Can Konyalı, Tolga Güleç and Aslı Sümen also took part in the cast, the series connected the audience with its exciting episodes.

Everyone knows Aslı Zengin’s skills in writing a 120-minute romantic comedy. However, the screenwriter had to tell the story in a shorter time this time, and she said in her interview that it was a bit challenging…

With the strong story of Aslı Zengin and the effective performances of the cast, the Erkek Severse series continues to attract great attention not only in our country but also abroad.

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