Doruk character of A Miracle series attracted attention
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30 March 2023 05:39


Doruk character of A Miracle series attracted attention

Hakan Kurtaş puzzled the minds in the series A Miracle, who are you really, Doruk! The popular TV series of Thursday evenings, A Miracle, left the 37th episode behind. There are moments of excitement and emotion in every new episode of the series. One of the names who participated in the second season of the series was Hakan Kurtaş with the character of Doctor Doruk. The famous actor brings a troubled character to life, and the audience is very curious about the details behind this character.

Doruk, a former soldier, was also the golden child of GATA, but nowadays he is on the screen with his psychological problems and his story is even more curious in each new episode.

He has seen conflict. He managed to escape but did not return as the same person. He had to leave the military service. He also started working as a doctor in a private hospital. He hid all his good feelings under a mask of indifference.

So what happened to Doruk, what happened to him and he is experiencing big problems? The viewers are very curious about these details and they want the details of the character of Doruk to be shared in the new episodes.

Doruk treats the patients only as a job, often intolerant towards them, intolerant towards everyone. He is an extremely competent doctor, but also a rebellious, vagrant soul. He doesn’t care if he gets fired!

That’s why he can’t get along with anyone at first. But he managed to win everyone’s respect. Doruk brought a new technology and approach to the hospital. It’s a kind of military technology. Practical methods used in the field. Doruk’s military treatment methods come face to face against Ali’s genius. Doruk will bring adrenaline and trouble to the hospital. Especially Ali will suffer from him. Doruk isn’t actually a bad person. But who knows what he’s hiding?

Here are these details, the audience expresses what they want to see in the series with their comments on social media. The fans of the series, who want Ali Vefa to be good for Doruk and to improve him, state in their comments that they also find Hakan Kurtaş’s performance very successful.

“Doruk illuminated the series like the sun. But I guess there is something wrong with this kid or something he’s hiding. Just like Ferman has a mentally disabled brother, the fans of the series are eagerly awaiting the sub-texts of Doruk’s story.

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