Confessions Of Burcu Biricik
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28 March 2023 01:30


Confessions Of Burcu Biricik

Burcu Bircik, who starred in the TV series Fatma, which will be broadcast on Netflix, was a guest of the program named Short Conversations with Extremely Celebrities on youtube. The 31-year-old actress answered questions in the entertaining program.

Burcu Biricik is someone who is shy about using her reputation. Saying that she does not know how to use fame, the actress said, “They don’t know me anyway, I wear my sleek. Recently I called a restaurant and they said ‘There is no place’. Emre got angry with me saying ‘Tell me your name’ ”.

Expressing that he is a hospitable person, the actress is not happy to be alone in the summer house. Stating that she invited the people around for coffee, the actress said, “I am gathering guests.”

The actress, who thought that her caravan was special and reproached her friends who did not come with her, also admitted that she swore a lot on set. After being warned by a friend’s cousin, the famous actress now forces herself not to swear …

Stating that she likes to eat very much, the actress also stated that she could not stand hunger. Stating that she was a fan of Beyonce in her adolescence years, the actress emphasized that she was like a man at that time and said:

“When I was a teenager, I drew acne on the face of the Beyonce poster in my room and blackened his hair. Then I cut my own hair, crying. I was like a man at that time. ”

Stating that she was a fan of Gökhan Özen during her high school years, the actress said that she made friends in college to cheat.

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