Duy Beni series has achieved worldwide success!
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28 September 2022 17:03


Duy Beni series has achieved worldwide success!

Duy Beni (Hear Me) series, which meets with the audience on Thursday evenings on Star TV, continues to rise. The series, which draws attention with its successful young actors, achieved a worldwide success in July.

Duy Beni was the two most successful series of this summer season, together with Tozluyaka, which was screened on Fox TV. These two series, which are behind the rating wind, are probably expected to come to the screen in the winter season.

Duy Beni, which draws attention to the problem of bullying in high schools and attracts the reaction of the audience with some of its scenes, also gets a decent score in the ratings. Although Duy Beni lags behind Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi (Come life as it knows), which was published on the same evening, it is promising.

By the way, the series “Duy Beni” achieved great success in July. According to the information given by The Whit, which reports on the number of followers on Instagram, Duy Beni was the series that increased the number of followers the most in the whole world in July. Duy Beni collected 673 thousand followers in July.

Star TV’s summer series, Duy Beni, did not make the beginning very bright. However, with the second episode, it started to rise very quickly. While Duy Beni rose in the ratings, he did something that has never been seen before on social media. The episodes of this impressive series broadcast on YouTube are watched by millions of people.

The seventh episode trailer of Duy Beni was watched nearly 2 million times in just 12 hours. The number of views of the first episode of the series, which was shared a month ago, exceeded 10 million. The number of followers of the YouTube channel has approached 800,000.

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