Early Bird series attracted a lot of attention in Italy
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1 December 2022 20:25


Early Bird series attracted a lot of attention in Italy

2018-2019 season at the screen from the Early Bird series, published when it saw a great interest in Turkey. The series, starring Demet Özdemir and Can Yaman and bid farewell to the screens last year, was the most successful work of the last period in the romantic comedy genre.

The series, which also won the Golden Butterfly award for Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir, made the two actors make a big leap in their careers. Can Yaman now appears on the screen with Mr.Wrong series. The screen harmony and performances of the two young actors also increased the interest of the audience in the series.

Just as in other countries, it not published in Turkey’s directory of great interest to the players and Early Bird series. It is known that Can Yaman has many fans, especially in Italy. Can Yaman, known in Italy for his full moon series, is now on the agenda with Early Bird.

The series, produced by Gold Film, was currently being broadcast in Italy during the daytime. With the increase in the ratings, it started to be published on Prime Time. The series came to the screen at 21:15 on TV5 yesterday evening and took the second place with its rating even though it coincided with the match of the Italian National Team.

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