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Ece Uslu lost her cat

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Famous Actress Ece Uslu has been at her home in Izmir Urla for a while. Ece Uslu’s posts while on vacation in the summer were reflected on social media. Finally came with the series Sisterhood, and after her short series, she said that she would not be tired, excited and worn out from now on.

There has been an incident that upset Ece Uslu recently. The actress lost her beloved cat. Ece Uslu, who wrote an emotional note by sharing a photo of her cat on social media, is experiencing the pain of losing her lovely friend.

“I am very sorry my beautiful son YoDa! You came like an angel, you went like an angel… ”in his note, the actress tells that her cute cat is a benign cat that makes everyone fall in love with her, leaves a mark on everyone with her energy and does not even once remove her nails.

The pain experienced by the actress who left Istanbul and settled in Urla is deeply felt by those who read her note. You can see the share of Ece Uslu, who is understood to be very devoted to her cat,

In the meantime, while Melis Sezen’s note “Let it sleep in peace in the lights” attracted attention, it is seen that Ayşegül Aldinç and director Hilal Saral also made comments.

Ece Uslu also shares the photo of the small grave by burying her cat Yoda in a corner of the garden of her house. She also shares videos and photos of Yoda on her instagram page. Her friends, loved ones and followers also convey their patience wishes to the player.

Here is the sharing of Ece Uslu:


I am very sorry my beautiful son YoDa! You came like an angel, you went like an angel… You made everyone fall in love with yourself and you left… You left a mark in all of us with your beautiful energy… You did not remove nails once, not once…. You were very good natured, my beautiful son…. You are always with me, you are always in my heart my mother…. Curious son, her mother’s rose … Sleep in the lights.

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