Artists News Ece Uslu, who settled in Çeşme, is bored and looking for a new job!

Ece Uslu, who settled in Çeşme, is bored and looking for a new job!


Famous actress Ece Uslu has not been on the screen for a long time. The actress, who wanted to rest for a while due to the pandemic, settled in Çeşme, the cute town of İzmir, and realized the dream of many people.

Ece Uslu, who says that she rested in Çeşme and now wants to go back to work, is looking for new projects. The actress, who was born in Izmir in 1974, has been involved in many projects since the 1990s. She was also remembered with the character of Şamverdi.

Following the production of the drama “Dayan Yüreğim” in 2017, the actress, who took the lead role in the TV series “Sevgili Geçmiş” in 2019, has been away from the sets for 2 years.

The actress, who took the opportunity to shoot the beloved Past series in Urla and did not want to return to Istanbul at that time, did not want to work in the conditions of the pandemic.

The actress, who was displayed in Istanbul after a 2-year rest period, said, “I settled in Çeşme, but I go back and forth. I’m doing job interviews. I have been sitting for 2 years, now I want to work. Because I was bored,” she said.

Stating thats he always had the idea of ​​returning to her hometown because he is from Izmir, the actress said that her mother also lived there and that’s why she preferred to stay in Çeşme.

Continuing her negotiations for new projects, Ece Uslu also said that she could not follow the works of the last period. The actress said, “Of course there are some projects that I watch, there are very good things. There are good projects especially in digital. I follow them. In this development in Istanbul, the traffic has decreased a lot, and that is what caught my attention the most,” she said.