Ece Uslu, who did not appear in the series after Sevgili Geçmiş, is back!
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4 February 2023 09:38


Ece Uslu, who did not appear in the series after Sevgili Geçmiş, is back!

Ece Uslu, who was born in Izmir in 1974, is one of the names that has not been involved in projects recently. The actress, who made her mark on the world of cinema and TV series since the early 1990s, took part in different roles throughout her long career.

From the character of Şule in the series Kara Melek to the series of Zerda, from Lale in the series Elveda Derken to the unforgettable Ebru of Karagül, the actress was remembered with successful characters. The last project of the experienced actress, who also attracted attention with her movies, was the TV series Sevgili Geçmiş (meaning: Dear Past).

The Sevgili Geçmiş series, which emerged in 2019 with a big claim and returned Ece Uslu to her hometown with its shooting in Izmir, unfortunately became an 8-episode project. After this production, Ece Uslu, who left Istanbul and started to live with her family in Izmir, preferred to stay away from the projects for a while.

Fans of the actress were eagerly waiting for her return to the sets. That gospel came true. Ece Uslu is returning to the sets again. But this is not a series project.

The actress, who turned out to be in Mersin for the shooting of a new movie called Sonsuz Aşk (meaning: Endless Love), also pleased her fans as she returned to the sets.

Directed by Ulaş Çobancı, the film focuses on the love story of a woman and a university student. The master actress plays the character of Nazan, who begins to fall in love with a young man she met at the university while investigating a corruption case.

Young actor Ege Can accompanies Ece Uslu in the movie. The shooting of the movie, which also stars Yonca Şahinbaş, Hakan Bilgin, Açelya Elmas and Ruhi Sarı, continues.

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