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Ece Uslu returned to the past

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Ece Uslu, who has not been in the TV series for a while, leaving her life in Istanbul aside and settling in Izmir, draws attention with her posts from time to time on her social media account.

Last season, the actress we watched in the TV series Sisterhood, made an important decision in her life with the pandemic process and returned to her hometown. The actress reminded her fans of the old years with her nostalgic posts.

Ece Uslu, who became famous in the 1990s, shared two different posts from that period. The actress, who first shared the news of a series of work titled Önce İndim Yarin Bahçesine, reminded her of this memory from the period when she was just beginning to become famous.

Ece Uslu, who played the leading roles with Kerim Tekin, Tarık Tarcan, Açelya Akkoyun, İpek Tuzcuoğlu, was one of the most prominent names in that period … The director of the series was the famous name Osman Seden … Kerim Tekin once again made everyone’s heart sore.

Ece Uslu took his fans to 1995, after sharing this nostalgia.

The actress, who published her picture on the cover of Hürriyet newspaper’s Telescope supplement, was presented with the title “Şakacı Ece”.

Here is the Ece Uslu’s Post: